Roberto Sánchez, director and founder (38 years old)
During his early years as a child he learned to play an instrument at home. He studied at the National Music Academy and at the Ollin Yoliztli (directing). He also studied pedagogy, chorus direction and flute in Stratford Avon, England. He was a member of the Carlos Chávez Symphonic Orchestra.

Alejandro Barbosa, violonist (15 years old)
Extroverted and talented. His father is a car mechanic. The garage family business where Alejandro works in his spare time is the main income source for them but this work hurts his hands to play. He still plays in the Orchestra although his father did not agree to it at first.

Carlos López, Contrabass (18 years old)
He is the oldest in the Orchestra. At the beginning, his low self-esteem did not let his talent glow but thanks to the support of Roberto Sánchez, Director and his perseverance he has made it thru. He now studies music at the National Center for the Arts. On the evenings he plays music at an Italian restaurant of a middle class neighborhood together with Roberto Sánchez.

Gabriel López, trumpeter (9 years old)
Introverted but very cheery and wishes to overcome his difficult past. Ignored by his father, his siblings are drug addicts and convicts. He now lives with his aunt and sleeps on a small couch next to the TV.

Jesús Moreno, percussionist (15 years old)
Witty and rebellious. He rides a skateboard and loves graffiti. He constantly thinks about his spraypainting and going out to paint but ever since he joined the Orchestra he also likes classical music. Playing the drums on his home's roof has helped him not to wander on the streets.